Shipping Container Purchasing and Selling

We sell and buy shipping containers globally!

For personal or business use, new or used.
Enquire with us for prices, availability, container modifications and more.

Supplier and Buyer Sourcing

Allow us to connect you with buyers and suppliers from our global network.

Import/Export Expertise

Unsure about the importing and exporting processes of documentation, payments and logistics? Allow us to guide you along the way.

Francolin Trade is a commission-based agency 

That means we are an organization driven by results. It also means that, when you work with us, you have zero upfront financial investment.

Our minimum commission rate is 1% of the value of each transaction
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We would love to give you a hand. Please take the time to send us a quick email so we can hear about your import-export and container sales needs.

Operated under GPVS Global Trade Ltd.